Beadlock vs. Non-Beadlock: Who says you can’t reinvent the wheel?

Just like every facet of technology in off-roading motorsports evolves, so do wheels. The commonly encountered buzzwords: durable, lightweight, cast, forged, etc. are not the only important factors. What about a wheel that directly interacts with a tire? A wheel that doesn’t just act as the structural support for your knobby beauties, but provides peace of mind and enhances your off-road performance potential?

Enter beadlock wheels. Whereas a conventional wheel relies exclusively on air pressure to secure the tire bead to the rim, beadlock technology acts as a safeguard to the dreaded tire debead dilemma that plagues off-roaders and offers performance and ride quality improvements.

Beadlock technology utilizes an outer ring that bolts into the face of the wheel. The beadlock ring acts as a clamp and secures the tire bead securely to the wheel regardless of air pressure.

Beadlock wheels are especially beneficial in situations where varying tire pressures might be needed, for example: rock crawling, desert racing, and other extremely rough terrains. The ability to safely run lower tire pressures not only increases the tire’s contact patch area but makes for a smoother ride over rugged terrains by allowing the tire to compress more freely, effectively reducing its spring rate.